CPI technical Conference 2019

CPI Technical Conference

At Evonik, the excitement is building and we are looking forward to attending the 62nd CPI Technical Conference in Orlando, Florida this October. It’s shaping up to be a busy few days for our team. During the 3 day event, we are proud to be presenting 6 technical papers on a variety of new technologies and product innovations, as well as a technical poster. We will also be active in the global Automotive industry panel discussion and lending our support to the Spray Foam and Rigid Construction panel sessions. Please find the details and timing below about the latest innovations and products that our polyurethane experts will be presenting during the technical sessions and then continuing on with these themes in the panel discussions. We’re also delighted to sponsor the Circular Economy: Sustainability, as well as the CASE: Adhesive & Elastomers sessions. We look forward to seeing you at our sessions and throughout this year’s CPI.

Please reach out to your sales or technical contacts to set up a meeting with us and to learn more about these exciting new products. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

Monday, October 7, 2019 

Technical Session: Blowing Agents
2:05 PM:
Optimizing Surfactant Technology for Rigid PU Appliance Foam Blown with
Opteon™ 1100 & Opteon™ 1150

by Timothy Miller, Evonik Corporation & Harrison Musyimi, The Chemours Company

Technical Session: Automotive 1: Novel Methods on VOC Reduction, Lightweighting, and Adhesion
4:00 PM: Driving Down Odor in Automotive Foams with Next-Generation Silicone Surfactants from Evonik
by Jacob Paule, Evonik Corporation  

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 

Technical Session: CASE: Coatings
9:30 AM: Versatility of the VERSALINK® Oligomeric Diamines in Creating High Performance Polyurea Elastomer Systems
by Irene Hsu, Evonik Corporation

Technical Session: Flexible Foam
9:30 AM: Evaluation of Parameters that Impact Compression Set 
by Jane Kniss, Evonik Corporation & Robert Borgogelli, Evonik Corporation

Technical Session: Rigid Construction
9:30 AM: Adhesion, an Important and Often Overlooked Physical Property of Rigid Polyurethane 
by David Zugell, Evonik Corporation 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Technical Session: Spray Foam
10:30 AM: Next Generation of Stabilizers for Low Density Open Cell Spray Foam Systems* 
by Mayank Singh, Evonik Corporation 

* Winner of 'Best Paper' last month!