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We are looking forward to another UTECH Las Américas in Mexico, one of the world’s fastest growing markets for the polyurethanes industry. With the buoyant automotive sector now accounting for 6% of national GDP and 18% of all of Mexico’s manufacturing production, our latest additive solutions for the automotive industry can help improve products and give you a competitive advantage. Come and meet us to learn more about our extensive additive portfolio and all the markets we support from bedding and construction to sofas and shoe soles, or contact us to arrange a meeting.


Next Generation Surfactant for Increased Block Yield and Broad Processing Latitude for Low Emission Slabstock Foam

by Celso Toyoshima, Technical Application Manager, Evonik

  • Introduction of the development of a new low VOC silicone surfactant optimized to increase the gas yield of conventional flexible slabstock foam.

  • Data from lab studies and machine trials that show reduced top-to-bottom density spreads and increased block heights when using this new surfactant in both discontinuous (cylinder and box) as well as continuous block foam processes.

  • How flexible foam manufacturers will be able to improve their chemical conversion efficiencies and produce foam at a lower cost by unit volume.

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