Flexible Slabstock PU Foam

ADDITIVES for Flexible Slabstock Foam applications

We are a global leader in polyurethane additives for flexible slabstock applications. We work in close partnership with the comfort industry by providing optimized products, whilst targeting the lowest possible VOC emissions to generate ‘value’ for our customers.


Dr. Rüdiger Landers

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Standard polyether slabstock Foams

Defined by the use of a high share of polyether polyols in combination with TDI, the densities of Standard Polyether slabstock foams broadly vary from below 10 kg/m³ for quilt & textile applications, to above 100 kg/m³ for special applications like shoe insoles. With the correct use of additives, defect free slabstock foams is facilitated in continuous machine production or large boxes. Over several decades, we have developed a large variety of different specialized products and a significant number of our additives are found in final consumer applications in the market. In an ever-changing environment, we are committed to producing new surfactants, catalysts and processing additives that improve productivity, performance and protect the environment. Among our TEGOSTAB®, DABCO®, TEGOAMIN®, KOSMOS® or ORTEGOL® brands® you will find the right additives for your foam formulation, and our technical teams are ready to support you. We look forward to opening a dialogue with you to enter technical discussions for your best additive solution.