Microcellular Foams

PU Additives for Footwear and other Microcellular Foams


Sebastian Schwarz

Microcellular polyurethane foams are the material of choice for a wide range of applications where the right balance between mechanical resistance and comfort is essential, and surface quality is paramount.
We offer the broadest range of catalysts, surfactants, performance additives, and release agents for microcellular polyurethane foams used in footwear, integral skin applications, and other molded parts.


The Footwear industry continuously needs to meet the most demanding requirements from end consumers in terms of performance, comfort, durability, fashion, and design. With its intrinsic versatility, polyurethane is the raw material of choice for this demanding market, and to help our customers maximize the benefits of polyurethane, we offer a unique portfolio of additives to choose.

Our TEGOSTAB® surfactants help to improve process stability and foam structure reliability, to produce the best possible shoe sole in a wide range of densities. Our DABCO® catalysts optimize skin appearance and productivity by providing better flowability and faster demolding. Our broad range of special ORTEGOL® performance additives will help manufacturers of shoe soles to meet some of the toughest industry standards and requirements, including antistatic properties, abrasion resistance, and increased adhesion. Our GORAPUR® release agents offer solutions for efficient and safe demolding as well as tailored skin appearance and haptics.