Press release
PU Additives
February 9, 2011

Evonik at PUTECH INDIA 2011

The business line Comfort & Insulation of Evonik Industries AG has been developing, producing and marketing auxiliaries for polyurethane foam manufacturing for 50 years. It offers a complete range of additives, including TEGOSTAB® silicone stabilisers, TEGOAMIN® amine catalysts, KOSMOS® metal catalysts, GORAPUR® release agents, TEGOCOLOR® pigments and ORTEGOL® specialty additives. During the exhibition Evonik will present its most recent product innovations on stand a. 16/b.03:

For flexible foam TEGOSTAB® B 8160 a new medium active stabiliser with improved processing latitude for standard ether foams will be highlighted. Also for flexible foam production ORTEGOL® G will be presented. It is an effective crosslinker tailor-made for foams containing high filler loadings and for box- and low density foaming to reduce foam defects, like splits.

For rigid foam manufacturing Evonik offers the full range of surfactants for all types of formulations and processing conditions. Two new products will be introduced during the exhibition. TEGOSTAB® B 8491 is designed to improve the surface quality and ensure system stability in hydrocarbon blown systems. TEGOSTAB® B 8522 is a versatile stabiliser providing superior foam quality in continuous and discontinuous foaming processes using hydrocarbons or HCFCs as blowing agents.

Furthermore, Evonik will introduce TEGOSTAB® B 8742 LF 2 for automotive moulded foam that meet latest VOC-requirements. This product has been proven to reduce transmissivity of vibrations through HR TDI or TM 20 seating foam. This reduction is critical for improving passenger comfort.

For the production of microcellular polyurethane materials with an increased conductivity and hence improved antistatic properties ORTEGOL® AST 8 will be recommended.

Evonik also provides GORAPUR® release agents through its affiliate Evonik Gorapur GmbH from Wittenburg, Germany to the Indian market, offering products for the HR-moulded (automotive) market, as well as for the shoe sole industry and other microcellular PU applications.