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January 2, 2013

Evonik BL Comfort & Insulation hosts Germany’s largest Polyurethane Congress

The FSK (industrial union for PU foam and plastics) held its 50th anniversary conference at the Evonik production site in Essen, Germany.

On November 20-22, the FSK presented the topic ‘’Polyurethane – yesterday –today –tomorrow’’. An important intention of this conference was to celebrate two jubilees at once. First, the industrial union FSK celebrated 50 years since its foundation. The union began with members in ten countries on four continents. The FSK also celebrated the 75th anniversary of the invention of Polyurethanes by Otto Bayer in 1937. Over 170 people joined the conference in order to take a deeper look into the history of Polyurethane, to follow up the extraordinary development over the last seven decades and to discuss the promising, upcoming future.

Dr. Tammo Boinowitz, General Manager of the Business Line Comfort & Insulation, addressed the attendees to open the conference. He followed this with a mutual presentation held together with Dr. W. Schloz, CEO of the FSK, with the topic ‘’75 years of Polyurethane – a PURe success story“, in order to review the history of Polyurethanes.

In addition to technical highlights and market trend speeches concerning Polyurethanes, the capability to be innovative and its importance for companies was discussed. Dr. Bernard Schleich, Head of Corporate Foresight at Evonik, emphasized the need for companies to deal with the future today and how this future is affecting current projects and thinking.

‘’Corporations do have, besides monetary goals, a big responsibility to society and need to set a good example”, Dr. Thomas Jostmann, Head of Corporate Environment and Responsibility, said within his presentation entitled, ‘’Responsible Care in the Chemical Industry - just an empty phrase?“

‘’The Feedback of the conference participants was consistently positive. The well-balanced mix between highly-technical and marketing presentations, combined with current and future Innovations for the subject Polyurethane, paired with the choice of venue and the whole organisation, fully matched to the importance of this anniversary conference,’’ Dr. W. Schloz, CEO of FSK said. ‘’We are looking forward to the next conference hosted by Evonik.”

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The industrial union “FSK” consists of raw material companies, machinery suppliers, system-house / self-formulators and especially converters who deal with Polyurethane, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, natural rubber foams, melamine resin – foams, PVC – foam, etc. For more information

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