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PU Additives
September 3, 2012

PU China 2012 - Product highlights

During the upcoming PU China 2012 in Shenzhen we will highlight the following products:

Rigid Foam - A broad product range for all applications

Evonik provides silicone surfactants for all types of polyurethane rigid foams.

For flow demanding systems like appliance there are several options:

TEGOSTAB® B 8491 - designed to improve the surface quality and ensure system stability in hydrocarbon blown systems.

As part of the China-made portfolio there are:

TEGOSTAB® B 8551 - a versatile siloxane providing good foam quality in continuous and discontinuous foaming processes using hydrocarbon or HCFCs as blowing agents.

TEGOSTAB® B 8545 - designed to support the nucleation in order to optimize the cell structure of rigid foams.

TEGOSTAB® B 8546 - especially useful as good nucleator to support fine cell structures. It can be used in systems that are less demanding on solubilisation e.g. using HCFCs or HFCs as blowing agents.

For the growing segment of one component foam (OCF) we offer the following products:

TEGOSTAB® B 8951 - a silicone surfactant that has a high potency and proved to be useful at low temperature conditions in winter formulations.

Also for OCF there are two newly developed products produced in China:

TEGOSTAB® B 84801 - designed to be widely applicable in different formulations to suppress void formation and provide regular cell structures.

TEGOSTAB® B 84802 - has a strong nucleation potency to support the formation of fine cells.

Flexible & HR Foam – Tailor made products to meet every customer's requirements

TEGOSTAB B® 8258 - a brand new FR silicone surfactant with excellent processing and FR performance. This silicone surfactant is compatible with every kind of FR additive and especially suitable to pass burning tests as MVSS 302, CAL 117 or BS 5852.

TEGOSTAB B® 8773 LF 2 - a silicone surfactant for HR foam with an extremely broad processing. This silicone surfactant has cell regulating and cell opening properties and shows negligible values in VOC measurements.

TEGOSTAB BF® 2470 - the ultimate silicone surfactant concerning density distribution and optimal foam block height. Combined with a fine cell structure this silicone surfactant can help you to increase your production yield.

ORTEGOL® FLA - a highly efficient flame lamination additive. By using ORTEGOL® FLA low emanation flame laminatable polyether PU foam with high adhesion properties and zero phenol emission can be produced.

Molded Foam – Low emanation grades for all foam types

TEGOSTAB® B 8734 LF 2 and newly developed TEGOSTAB® B 8745 LF 2 - surfactants for MDI based formulations providing very low emanation levels.

TEGOSTAB® B 8738 LF 2 - applicable in systems based on TDI/MDI blends providing low emanation levels.

TEGOSTAB® B 8736 LF 2 - suitable for TDI based systems with highly demanding emanation requirements.

Footwear and microcellular foams – New product for the Asian market

- a newly developed silicone surfactant for predominantly ester based shoe sole formulations and integral skin foams.

ORTEGOL® AB - an internal abrasion reducer for densities of 500 Kg/m3 or greater. It acts through controlled migration to the surface of the cured elastomer.

Release Agents

Evonik offers GORAPUR® release agents from its affiliate Evonik Gorapur GmbH, Germany, to the Asian market to meet future trends of the PU-Industry with our development efforts. Our main focus lies on sustainable VOC reduction at the customers’ process, leading to a product-range successful in the automotive as well as in the shoe sole industry and other microcellular polyurethane applications. Our B-type products provide a low VOC content and a high flash (> 55°C) point for increased safety requirements. Additionally these kinds of products are applicable with electrostatic spray equipment leading to reduced consumption and therefore additional VOC reduction:

GORAPUR® LK 8516-10 B - an innovative catalyst free release agent for automotive seating applications suitable for all kinds of spray application, including electrostatic spraying, with low VOC content and high flash point.

GORAPUR® LS 1549-2 W - a VOC-free water based release agent for PU shoe soles.

GORAPUR® LS 1040-25 - a VOC-free concentrated ready-to-use release agent for PU shoe soles.

GORAPUR® LI 1029-41 B – our new release agent for steering wheels with low VOC content, providing a very matte surface.

GORAPUR® LI 0245-8 B – a low VOC release agent for filter applications with excellent release properties.

GORAPUR® CL 114 W – a unique external water based release agent for CLBS (continuous laminated board stocks systems) processing.

Company information

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in specialty chemicals. Its activities focus on the key megatrends health, nutrition, resource efficiency and globalization. Profitable growth and a sustained increase in the value of the company form the heart of Evonik’s corporate strategy. Evonik benefits specifically from its innovative prowess and integrated technology platforms. Evonik is active in over 100 countries around the world. In fiscal 2011 more than 33,000 employees generated sales of around €14.5 billion and an operating profit (EBITDA) of about €2.8 billion.


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