Over 50 years of innovation

At Comfort & Insulation we understand that Innovation is a key aspect to serve the changing needs of our customers. We combine the know-how and experience of interfacial chemistry and catalysis to give us unique insights into structure performance relationships, that result in new ideas for future product developments - not only for stabilizers and catalysts, but also for processing additives.

Combining our innovation competences with the strongest global network in the PU industry strengthens our capabilities in identifying future market trends and addressing them with innovative solutions. With various technical centers across the globe, we are close to our customers in the regions and provide state-of-the-art products and can support them for their regional requirements. Long-term innovation centers in Germany & USA support us to provide complete new product groups which require longer development times. All of our R&D activities are supported by an analytical center which focuses on our products & foams which is truly unique in the world.

Our long history in developing specialty PU additives is embedded in the global Evonik Innovation network. Here we address development topics with require joint development from across various departments to provide full solution packages for large challenges. This enables us to offer an outstanding technology platform for joint R&D projects turning your needs into new products, keeping you innovative and competitive in your market, and listening to the latest downstream trends of the end consumer.