Globally connected to serve you better

With the help of our application driven experts located in your region we form a powerful global team. By frequent virtual meetings and joint customer visits our colleagues from across the regions exchange information and regularly learn from each other. 

When you work with us at Evonik Comfort & Insulation, you will be talking to your well-known regional technical & sales partner. Our regional teams will best understand how to support you in your business and in your local business environment, but you will also benefit from the combined knowledge of our experience of over 50 years in the polyurethane market, and a network of over 100 technical experts who support them globally.

With our regional colleagues so well integrated into our global setup, their frequent exchanges with each other help to introduce you to new technologies that are being developed, or can help explain the latest regulatory changes for you. Foam testing facilities support our regional teams to give you detailed technical explanations and help you in the development of your new products. Your Evonik partner is just a call or a click away from you.

To find your nearest representative, please visit our contact section.

Global Team Organization – Empowering the regions

Within our business we have established international, interdisciplinary teams, which structure and analyze the market information and transfer it into actions. These teams have either a strong industry or customer focus. To ensure swift decision-making, empowered team leaders that strive for speedy and innovative solutions head-up our teams.

We educate our people to operate effectively in a high-performance, teamwork-oriented environment and to be flexible, agile and prepared for changes. We believe in having a two-way dialogue and want to listen first to learn in our discussions with you. We challenge ourselves every day, by constantly questioning our organization and our teams' behavior. We continuously adapt and optimize in an evolutionary way.

Exploring new markets – Working with your loyal long-term partner

Expanding into new markets or regions is a big step in many businesses. Even in a global world, you are often required to establish new supplier channels and need support in the localization of formulations and raw materials. With our global setup and regional acting groups, we are the perfect partner to support you on this journey and we want to help you now, and in the future.

We can help you to identify the right stable and high quality additives to use in your new business. Our colleagues also have a broad understanding of the market and key aspects and challenges you might face. We invite you to discuss your future strategy with us so we can help you in the most effective way.