Under our DABCO® brand, we provide an extensive portfolio of different amine catalysts. Amine catalysts are highly important to the balance between the various reactions during the polyurethane foam formation. The right amine choice helps to reduce foam defects and can highly influence the physical characteristics and quality of the final foam. We offer traditional amines such as DABCO® 33 LV, a well-known gel catalyst for flexible slabstock applications, or DABCO® T, a reactive, medium active balance amine catalyst for rigid foam applications. Under the DABCO® NE brand, we offer a range of high performance amines optimized for special applications that require very low emission profiles (e.g. automotive). 

Additionally, under the DABCO® TMR brand, we offer a set of highly specialized trimerization and curing catalysts designed as co-catalysts, for conventional catalyst types that can help trigger trimerization, curing, smooth profile, and adhesion in specific formulations. We have optimized many of these catalysts for lower odors and have balanced them to meet special customer needs, including delayed activity or strong-back end curing to improve structural stability.


Our POLYCAT® brand includes a large variety of special catalysts that provide high performance foam reactions to meet the demands in applications such as spray foam. We have managed to optimize many of these products towards low emission profiles to exhibit low odor, and depending on the composition and combination, these catalysts can balance blow and gel activities. 

Conventional catalysts accelerate the polyol-isocyanate reaction irrespective of temperatures. For situations requiring a delayed reaction and prolonged pot-life we propose our POLYCAT® SA range of temperature-activated catalysts. The natural exotherm generated during the polyurethane reaction or an external heat source can activate these catalysts at specific temperatures. The right combination of POLYCAT® SA catalysts allows formulators to tailor the viscosity build-up to the required balance of front-end delay and back-end cure.

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Our DABCO® & POLYCAT® product portfolio