Our ORTEGOL® performance additives are available for use in all major PU applications. The ORTEGOL® portfolio provides you with the choice of two types of products: 1) processing aids, and 2) enablers.

Processing aids help to overcome limitations in the production processes like narrow processing windows, or closed cell structure. If formulation adjustments are not suitable, our ORTEGOL® products can help to improve the production conditions and reduce foam defects.

By applying ORTEGOL® additives as a performance modifier, you can achieve special foam characteristics like a high level of antistatic protection for special packaging foams, or enhanced water absorption for hydrophilic foams. We highly recommend you to contact us to discuss your desired target foam to ensure that you choose the best ORTEGOL® product and use it in the right way to help shorten your development time.

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Our ORTEGOL® product portfolio