TEGOSTAB® is our global brand for our surfactants. Under this name, our customers can find a large variety of different surfactants for use in all major PU applications (e.g. rigid, flexible slabstock, molded and high-density foams). We produce all of our surfactants under strict quality standards, with the majority based on silicone chemistry that is VOC optimized to ensure very low emission profiles. We also offer a selection of organic based surfactant products, designed for special applications. Additionally, we are proud to offer a large variety of SiOC technology based silicones to meet the needs of customers that require SiC production technology for special applications, including very broad processing & special haptic appearance.

Due to our large surfactant portfolio, we invite you to have a discussion with our colleagues from our technical teams so they can help identify the most suitable TEGOSTAB® silicones for your application. If we cannot identify a suitable surfactant from our existing portfolio, our innovation labs have the skills and expertise to customize surfactants for your special formulations.

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Our TEGOSTAB® product portfolio